1. model: pablo herran

    new photo series www.erwincaluya.com


  2. Sunflower bean @ Baby’s all right! 9.6.14

    I normally avoid opening acts, but I’m glad my friend and I were early and saw how good and tight this band were. 


  3. Untitled Queen  (<3 this gal)

    Bushwig after party @ Bizarre 


  4. labor day


  5. erwin-caluya:

    backstage @ Sal La Russa’s show at Alvin Ailey in Lincoln Center


  6. ft. tilden summer 2014


  7. better late than never

    taken from Marina and the Diamonds’ “Elektra Heart” tour.


  8. Dwight and Nicole at the Rockwood Music hall for the CD release party of “SHINE ON” 


  9. Mikey, April 2014

    My lunch buddy


  10. The Sharp Lads CD release show at The Bowery Electric 3.27.14


  11. Kurt, Amor de Mar CR 

    Feb 2014


  12. part 3 of 3 Montezuma Series


  13. Montezuma pt.2 of 3

    May 2013

    all rights reserved


  14. Montezuma pt.1 , May 2013


  15. Lauren 2013 

    I’ve obvi been listening to M.i.a. lately.